Why your vote matters?

The next European Elections will take place on 23-26 May 2019 and they represent a massive democratic process. Indeed, their outcome will concern a total population of 444 million people.

These elections will be unprecedented in their importance. It is no exaggeration to state that they will be elections between pro and anti-EU parties.

The elections are taking place during a period of profound political and economic crisis, and will shape EU politics for the next five years. Through the ballot box, voters will have the chance to determine the political majority of the European Parliament. More fundamentally, the elections are an opportunity to breathe new life into the European Union and to begin a more inclusive and positive future for the European project.

We need a New Europe, New Business Models, New Opportunities, New Challenges, New Markets, New Threats…this all requires Change, and it must be Change for the Better.

The Future of Europe is at stake so an active stance in these elections ought to be adopted as the results will have deep consequences on all EU citizens.

The Chamber network does not consider the EU to be perfect, but it does adopt a constructively critical position. Practically speaking, this means that Chambers are ready and willing to support and contribute to a positive trajectory for the future development of the European project.

Lately, much focus has been placed by many nationalistic parties exclusively on the weak spots of the EU.

However, it is essential that a more complete context is provided in order to be able to deeply understand the whole picture. The consistent accomplishments of the EU must not be taken for granted or forgotten!

How can you participate?

When you vote in European elections, you are voting for your representative to the only directly-elected international assembly in the world? The European Parliament is also the only directly-elected European Union institution.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance to understand how relevant the role of each citizen is.

In particular, there are two main ways of participating to the European elections 2019.

1. In the first place, participate as citizen and voter.

Of course, for this purpose each one of us should understand what the EU means, how it works, what is in for citizens, in short, be as informed as possible in order to make a conscious choice.

There are many online tools that have been developed exactly for this purpose, to show what the EU entails for us.

The Citizens’ App developed by the European Parliament shows what being a European citizen means in practice.

It explains who does what in the EU, how all of this is relevant to the citizen’s daily life and what challenges the EU faces, many of which will shape our future.

The app is available in 24 languages.
Download in Apple Store | Download in Google Play

This website developed by the European Parliament presents hundreds of easy-to-read, one-page notes giving examples of the positive difference that the EU makes to people’s lives. Users can easily find specific information about what Europe does for their region, their profession or their favourite pastime.

Around 1 800 one-page notes are available to read, share or reuse as on-line pages or as PDF files. They are organised in two main categories on the website.

The first section, ‘In my region’, allows users to select the place where they and their family live or work. How is Europe present in our towns, cities and regions? This section of the website covers over 1 400 localities in every part of the European Union.

The second section of the site, ‘In my life’, lets each user select from 400 ‘one-pagers’ to find things that are important to her or to him personally. How does the EU affect, for example, families, health care, hobbies, travel, security, consumer choices and social rights? How does the EU support people in their professional lives in dozens of jobs – from beekeepers to bus drivers to brewers? What has the EU done for people who enjoy leisure activities such as sport, music or watching television? A series of podcasts in a growing number of languages is also available for this section.

The third section of the site, with longer briefing papers on EU policies ‘in focus, outlines some of the achievements of the current parliamentary term, and the outlook for the future, with a special focus on public opinion and citizens’ concerns and expectations of EU action.

2. Act as volunteer or influencer to convince other people to exercise their right to vote.

Indeed, the European Parliament created an ad-hoc platform for this purpose.

This is the platform designed to highlight the importance of this year’s elections. It contains only some brief information, whereas great part of the platform is dedicated to two main purposes.

First, it contains all the events that occur in the framework of the elections campaign, divided by country.

In addition, this is the platform to volunteer for the upcoming elections and receive information about the events organised all across Europe.

Subscribing to this platform means that you will be kept in the loop and receive interesting updates on the campaign.